Communication and Navigation

Central focus of our satellite communication activities is the development of technologies for almost unlimited data exchange between satellite and ground stations. It ranges from transmission technologies to concept to implementation, comprising system and architecture definition and also to components such as antennas, transmitters and receivers. 

The developed solutions enable reliable and robust data exchange in use of satellite-based technologies. In addition, continuous research on the development of wideband-capable equipment and techniques is practiced to further enhance true wideband transmission over satellite with respect to high throughput gains.

System Engineering

  • System design, optimization and validation relating to capacity, performance and availability
  • Independent evaluation: consulting and design review

IoT via Satellite

Regenerative payload - Fraunhofer On-Board Processor

FORTE – Testbed for Satcom on the move

Direct 5G Satellite Connectivity


  • ROAA – Radio Occulation Antenna Array (ESA project)  
  • FOBP – Fraunhofer On-Board Processor 
  • Targets – Wideband DVB-S2X demonstration platform