Sensor systems and Analysis

We provide everything required to enhance space situational awareness (SSA): 

sensor systems for the acquisition and measurement of space-related data and information

analysis and exploitation of datasets and satellite imageries

understanding and modelling of the complex space environment



Areas of Expertise


Our areas of expertise are manifold and encompass:

  • surveillance and measurement of orbital objects

    • ground based / space based

  • high-precision orbit determination

  • support to the German Space
    Situational Awareness Centre (GSSAC)

  • interactive visualization of earth and space observation data for SSA

  • (automated) analysis and interpretation of high-resolution satellite data

    • VIS, IR, SAR, multi- and hyper-spectral

  • performance optimization of satellite-based EO-sensors

  • open geospatial service architectures

    measurements of reflection properties of  space materials (BRDF) 




  1. Analysis and Visualization of SAR Imagery 
  2. Space-based early warning
  3. measurements of reflection properties of space materials (BRDF)
  4. Security in Space
  5. Space observation radar TIRA